Charting a Bold Future

Maine Public's Comprehensive Campaign

Charting a Bold Future, Maine Public’s comprehensive campaign, raised $35 million Ᾱ the largest fundraising effort in the history of the organization Ᾱ to build upon the our strategic plan to ensure that public media in Maine will thrive, and that we will continue to deliver the best of journalism, classical music, cultural programming, educational media, and more across the state. The campaign also saw Maine Public’s largest single gift in our history: a $2.4 million challenge grant from a generous couple and longtime friends of Maine Public Ᾱ a true testament to the importance of public media in Maine.

The goals of Charting a Bold Future continue to be central to Maine Public's mission, and to the future of local, independent media in Maine.

"Nothing touches our lives more on a daily
basis in Maine than public radio — nothing."
— Marion Freeman & Corky Ellis

Inform: News, Public Affairs, & Journalism

Your support for the Charting a Bold Future campaign allowed Maine Public to increase capacity and staffing for local journalism from Kittery to Fort Kent; from local schools to the State House in Augusta. By increasing local coverage—of both late-breaking news and of Maine Public’s award-winning, in-depth, investigative series—and leveraging it with the high-quality journalism from NPR, BBC, and PRI, Maine Public will secure its place as the ‘go-to’ source for local, national, and global news.

Inspire: Classical Music, Arts, & Culture

The creation and growth of Maine Public Classical allows us to bring more of our audience’s favorites to them over the air, by streaming, and via HD Radio. Support is being marshalled to strategically purchase FM frequencies in the state, in order to ensure the broadest possible coverage for this new and unique statewide service. Since Maine Public Classical's inception, we’ve added six all-new stations, with more to come! By providing an all-new stream of cultural content, Maine Public will not only grow its own audience, but it will increase the on-air presence of Maine’s other arts institutions, and bring world-class music and performance to all Mainers for free.

Connect: Digital & Online

To connect with all Mainers on all platforms, Charting a Bold Future enhances our digital presence, from augmenting Maine Public's website to developing mobile apps, and to advance our ability to deliver and measure the impact of all content across emerging media. In an increasingly competitive 21st-century media environment, Maine Public will always strive to be on-demand, with its award-winning content available whenever, wherever.

Strengthen: Sustainability & Maine Public’s Future

To ensure a sound future for local and independent public media in Maine, Charting a Bold Future’s aim was to expand our audience and membership base by increasing its offerings in journalism, cultural, and digital programming; we will continue to achieve greater sustainability for the organization’s future by growing our endowment and identifying more and diverse sources of revenue. Support for this campaign has transformed Maine Public, allowing independent media in Maine to flourish and bring more content Ᾱ from news and information to arts and culture; from local to international Ᾱ to Mainers everywhere. Thank you for your generosity.


For more information about supporting the future of Maine Public, contact Scott Marchildon today at 207-330-4510 or Ᾱ and thank you!