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Conserving Maine's Coast: From a Ripple to a Roar

A still frame from Conserving Maine's Coast

Maine Public TV Air Time:
Sat., April 24 at 2:00 pm

Maine's coast, with its bays, inlets, peninsulas and tidal estuaries is about 3,500 miles. If you add its islands, the total is closer to 5,000. This documentary explores the complex web of conservation along these important places where the land meets the sea.

Protecting this diverse coastline requires the initiation and sustained efforts of a complex network of individuals, organizations, agencies and communities. This film explores conservation efforts along these world-renowned places where the land meets the sea.

The story of coastal conservation in Maine brings together fragile habitats and threatened ecosystems, astounding beauty and places for recreation, abundant (but often dwindling) natural resources and the livelihoods of many people. It's a story of inspiration, innovation and persistence.

Astonishingly, less than one percent of Maine's coast offers guaranteed public access, and many conservationists are in an upstream battle to save the precious few remaining parcels. The work is being accomplished through a network of participants: state, federal, local municipalities, regional land trusts, advocacy groups and individuals.

This program encompasses, the entire coast, seeking out a dynamic web of stakeholders: from artist to scientists, outdoor enthusiasts to citizen advocates, and clammers to boat builders.

Organizations featured in the film include Holbrook Community Foundation (Cundy's Harbor), York Land Trust, US Fish and Wildlife, Maine Coast Heritage Trust, Women's Health Resource Library (Milbridge).

Long sequences profile children learning to build and launch a boat in Cundy's Harbor, a trip across Penobscot Bay on the schooner Mary Day, an innovative project – Milbridge Commons, as well as segments on habitat, coastal beauty and climate change.

Along with the narrative, a beautiful visual story unfolds: beaches and marshes, towns and harbors, peninsulas and islands, mainland cliffs and islands, plus a wide variety of wildlife, and people hiking, fishing and tooling around in all kinds of boats.

Conserving Maine's Coast: From a Ripple to a Roar was produced by Mark Ireland of MI Media.