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Maine Gets $202K in 'Cramming' Suit Settlement

The state of Maine has joined the other 49 states and the District of Columbia and settled the second in a round of lawsuits against mobile phone companies for the practice known as "cramming" - this time with T-Mobile.

"Companies are now coming to the table and agreeing that that practice has stopped, and they're also agreeing now to refund customers for past practices," says Maine Attorney General Janet Mills.

Mills says cramming is a "deceptive practice" in which the company bills for third-party services customers did not order or authorize.

She says as many as 13,000 T-mobile customers in Maine could have been hit by rogue charges.

Under terms of the settlement, which includes at least $90 million in payments. T-Mobile must provide a full refund to each victim. The company will also settle with each state.

Maine is getting more than $202,000 to fund consumer protection efforts.

The settlement follows a $105 million agreement with AT&T in October.