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Courts and Crime

Portland Man Charged With Terrorizing in Connection with Suspicious Package

PORTLAND, Maine - Portland Police have arrested a 64-year-old man they say planted a suspicious package outside an office complex where a law firm and several federal justice offices are located.

George A. Dimauro of Portland was taken into custody Tuesday night. "Some of the facts and information that led us to him are still under investigation," says Portland Police Department Lt. James Sweatt.

Sweatt says it's too soon to disclose how the department came to arrest Dimauro, or speculate about what DiMauro's alleged motive may have been. "But at this time we're confident to say this is a very isolated incident and we have the single individual that's involved."

Dimauro has been charged with Class C terrorizing for allegedly placing a "suspicious package" at 100 Middle Street on Monday morning, a building that houses the law offices of Bernstein Shur, as well as the U.S. Attorney, FBI and Secret Service offices.

Police are not disclosing whether any particular entity was the target of the threat.

Dimauro was booked at Cumberland County Jail, and scheduled for arraignment Wednesday afternoon.