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Courts and Crime

Man In Standoff Whose Home Was Blown Up By Police Sues Officials

Maine Public

Michael Grendell, the man whose house in Dixmont was blown up by Maine State Police in June of 2018, has filed a lawsuit against several officers and an official from the state Attorney General's Office. 

Grendell's attorney, David Bate, says his client is seeking clarity as to why police detonated a bomb after responding to a call that Grendell was experiencing a mental health crisis and needed help.

"Second, he would really like to make sure this kind of thing doesn't happen again," Bate says. "And I think, lastly, he's asking for compensation.  He's been through a lot of hardship. "

In June of 2018, Maine State Police were dispatched to Grendell's home after receiving a call that he was experiencing a mental health crisis.  After they spent 20 hours trying to draw Grendell outside, officers detonated a bomb which leveled the house and severely injured Grendell.

Bate says Grendell sustained serious injuries from the blast, has hearing loss, and now uses a cane.  In his notice to the state in December that he intended to file a lawsuit, Grendell sought $120 million in damages. 

The AG's office declined to comment on the lawsuit.

Originally published 2:34 p.m. Sept. 13