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Courts and Crime

Maine State Police Seize 6 Tractor Trailer Trucks From R.I. Company That Owes $75,000 In Tolls

Maine State Police seized six tractor trailer trucks Friday, all owned by the same company, for allegedly failing to pay $75,000 in tolls over the past three years to the Maine Turnpike Authority.

Officials say Commodity Haulers Express of North Kingston, Rhode Island is facing felony theft of services charges and has had its right to operate vehicles in Maine suspended. Turnpike spokesperson Erin Courtney says the Authority brought what she calls an egregious amount of unpaid tolls to the attention of the State Police. She says the Rhode Island company is a true outlier.

“Some of the higher amounts that I've seen in the past few years was between $700 to $1200. So it's much, much lower than the Commodity Haulers Express group from Rhode Island that we're dealing with right now.”

State Police say the company hauls Poland Spring water, but that the water company was not aware or involved in the unpaid tolls.

Commodity Haulers could not be reached for comment.