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Portland Undertakes Survey of Parks and Open Spaces

Irwin Gratz

The city of Portland is launching an effort to take stock of its parks and open spaces and plan for their future. Officials today announced they will work with The Trust for Public Lands and Portland Trails to complete the project.

At an event in Portland this morning, Portland Trails Executive Director Kara Wooldrik announced that her group has received an $18,000 grant from the Lerner Foundation that will be used to reach out for public comment.

"Portland Trails will engage residents and local stakeholders from every neighborhood in determining our shared values," Woodrik said. "Together, we'll create an inclusive plan that cohesively addresses our community's desire for a healthier, shared future. Portland Trails is thrilled to have this opportunity."

City officials say they will work to inventory all of Portland's parks and other open spaces. The Trust for Public Land will provide technical assistance for the effort.

Officials were unwilling to guess at how long the process of drafting the plan will take, But Portland Mayor Mike Brennan said, "We want to use the word 'aggressive,'" and would hope the process would be "well along" in six months to a year.