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High Color Reported In Aroostook County Foliage

Despite the recent warm weather, parts of Maine are seeing a real sign of fall: leaves sporting their autumn colors.

State forestry officials say northern Maine, above Houlton to Jackman, is seeing high color change with moderate-to-low color change elsewhere. The entire state is reporting low leaf drop.

“We’re headed into what’s probably going to be a typical Maine foliage year, with brilliant colors,” says state Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry spokesman John Bott.

Bott says a lot of what happens depends on the weather, with cool nights and warm days acting as a trigger.

“We’ve had some pretty above average temperature days. That has the potential to either push the season back a couple weeks to make it longer. If we were to get a hard frost, say in the western mountains, that could shorten the season,” he says.

Bott says, right now, it looks like there’ll be a lot of color over the Columbus Day weekend.