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Have a musical memory that you’d like to share? Throughout the month we will post listener submitted recollections here and share a few on MPBN’s Facebook page. Send your memory to us at music@mpbn.net.CLICK HERE to hear a musical memory aired on Maine Public Radio and Maine Public ClassicalCLICK HERE to learn more about MPBN’s instrument donation projectOur listeners’ favorite music recollections:

Pete Bouman, Freeport

In 1979, the Charlie Daniels Band released “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” It became a huge hit.

I was 11 at the time, and my brother Jeff was 9. Jeff was obsessed with the song. Unfortunately, our family did not have enough money to buy the album. So the only way he could listen to it was on the radio.

Our local station played the song fairly often, since it was a hit. Still, this was not enough for Jeff. He decided to try to record the song during a radio broadcast. This way he could listen to it whenever he wanted.

He got his cassette recorder ready. Then he waited for the song. And he waited. And he waited. He and I listened to dozens of terrible songs just hoping that “The Devil went down to Georgia ” would be played.

Finally he became fed up with waiting and called the radio station to request the song. When they didn’t play it in a few minutes he called again. And again. He began to disguise his voice with each call, hoping the DJ would yield to the overwhelming enthusiasm of the song’s many fans.

Eventually the DJ broke down. In an impromptu statement, he announced that he can gotten many requests for “The Devil Went down to Georgia” from a “little boy” in Pittsford, NY. “Here’s your song, kid.”

My brother, vindicated, pressed “record.”

My name is Pete Bouman, I live in Freeport, Maine, and this is music that moves me.