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Ann McKay

I can’t imagine life without Maine Public. I remember when "educational television" started in Maine. I took some elementary French lessons on the new TV station and went on to major in French at Bates. An introductory computer science show called "Bits & Bytes" helped me (a Baby Boomer) start to understand the basics of computer lingo and function. I looked forward to the birdsongs that started each Morning Pro Musica broadcast with Robert J. Lursema on Maine Public Radio. I’m a history buff, and have enjoyed the many wonderful series on Masterpiece, American Experience, Ken Burns' films, and other historical documentaries. And last but not least, I have always loved the many mystery genre offerings, from Agatha Christie inspired Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple stories to the various interpretations of Sherlock Holmes. Thanks for the objective and detailed reporting of news and worthwhile broadcasts of events in the arts and humanities. What’s not to love re: Maine Public? Keep up the good work, and I hope you will be an inspiration to other networks. - Ann McKay, Bangor