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John and Abby Dunlap

From the time I was a teenager many years ago, I would be awakened by my mother's clock radio tuned to Morning Edition, Bob Edwards was host. I would know it was time to get up and go to work as a waitress at The Ocean Point Inn, in East Boothbay. Still living with my parents, summers, my mother would have Morning Pro Musica on with Robert J. Lurtsema's bird songs and music.

Fast forward to the 1980's and I was now married, still listening to Morning Edition and Robert J, then in the afternoon All Things Considered and on Sat. nights Prairie Home Companion. Our children knew that it was time for their dinner when the music came on for ATC. Back then it didn't start until 5:00 pm.

Now our dog knows when it's time for dinner when the music comes on the it's dinner time. We listen to both the classical station over my iPhone and on the HD radio that Maine Public sent me last year, and we listen Morning Edition and ATC and PHC.

We have been a bit disappointed the the HD radio cuts out in many places, just dead air. I really hope that a new station comes to the mid-coast region, from Brunswick to Camden.

We support both television and radio and have done so happily for many years. We are writing our representatives about the importance of the continued funding for all things from public radio and television.

Thank you for being part of our lives.