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Run Millinocket

The finish line, a nod to the region's forest products heritage.
Nick Woodward
Maine Public

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The free Millinocket Marathon & Half Marathon began in 2015 when Gary Allen read an article about what the closing of a mill did to the Mount Katahdin region.

He couldn't "unsee" that article so a few days later he leveraged some of his running connections and began a grassroots effort. Fueled by social media and the knowledge that runners would come through — the free Millinocket Marathon was born. In lieu of an entry fee Gary flipped the script and turned the responsibility on runners to spend some time and money in Millinocket to bring the magic back to Magic City. Experience the 2017 Millinocket Half Marathon course following hilarious How Was Your Run Today? podcast hosts, Bryan Gould and Peter Villa. Bryan ran the full marathon in 2016 enduring dangerously cold temperatures. He clearly learned his lesson and signed up for the half marathon in 2017. Peter ran the Millinocket half for the first time having shown up as a spectator in 2016.

Run Millinocket is produced by Greg Shea.