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Join Maine Public's MASTERPIECE Celebration!

2021 marks the 50th anniversary of unforgettable MASTERPIECE programs airing on Maine Public Television and we are celebrating all year long!
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Take the Ultimate MASTERPIECE Trivia Quiz!

So, you think you know MASTERPIECE? To celebrate 50 years of excellence, put your British drama knowledge to the test. Take our ultimate MASTERPIECE quiz HERE and find out how big a fan of the series you really are! Then, share the quiz with your British TV loving friends and compare your results.

Tell us about your favorite MASTERPIECE program and why it is so special to you.

Send us an email: fun@mainepublic.org.

Take a few moments and see a few of the comments that we have heard so far:

Special thanks to HM Payson and The Park Danforth for their generous support of MASTERPIECE programming on Maine Public Television.


The most loved MASTERPIECE programs according to our audience in our very informal survey through mid-August:

  1. I, Claudius
  2. Downton Abbey
  3. Upstairs, Downstairs
  4. The Durrells in Corfu
  5. Prime Suspect
  6. The Jewel in the Crown
  7. Inspector Morse
  8. Poirot
  9. Poldark (newest version)
  10. Endeavor