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Maine Senate Rejects Measure Aimed At Proposed National Park

        The idea of carving a national park out of Maine's north woods has been very controversial.  Opponents fear it would place large tracts off-limits to activities like hunting and snowmobiling.
       Governor LePage suggested state lawmakers have a say by requiring legislative approval before anyone sells or gives more than 40 acres of land to the federal government.
        Democratic State Senator Linda Valentino of Saco complained the bill would violate the property rights of Mainers.    But Doug Thomas, a Republican State Senator from Ripley, said without the measure, a select few people could turn over land to the federal government in transactions that would, "take rights and abilities from everyone in Maine and a lot of people who come here to visit. And quite possibly finish destroying the economy of northern Maine."
       The State Senate, in a near party-line vote, rejected the bill 20-13.   It now goes to the Maine House.

State Sen. Linda Valentino (D-Saco) from Senate debate