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Maine School Libraries Can Join 'Cloud,' Expanding Access to e-Books

PORTLAND, Maine - If you're a user of one of more than 219 libraries across Maine, you may have an easier time using your e-reader to get books.

Maine InfoNet works with public, academic, and school libraries on resource sharing. Executive Director James Jackson Sanborn says the new, app-based "Cloud Library" system should improve things for readers who've found the old program clunky.

And, he says, while the old system wouldn't allow school libraries to join, "the new vendor will allow us to add school libraries. We've had a lot of demand to add e-books and audiobooks to school libraries."

Readers will have access to about 10,000 books in the shared collection - but they may still face long waits for popular e-books. Jackson Sanborn says that's a licensing issue.

"For the most part the system is a fully-shared collection," Jackson Sanborn says, "so the collection is about 10,000 titles that we have in there, and they're all available to all the member libraries."