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Maine Teachers Union Rallies in Support of School Funding Surtax

Members of the Maine Education Association, the state teachers union, rallied outside the State House Tuesday to urge lawmakers not to repeal the 30 percent surtax on wealthier Maine households aimed at funding local schools.

MEA President Lois Kilby-Chesley says the state must finally pay its full share.

“The time is now to make sure that the state finally takes the responsibility for the 55 percent that we voted through way back in 2004,” she says.

The MEA is worried lawmakers will repeal the surtax and once again fall short of 55 percent school funding goal. Republican leaders say they want to reach the funding goal, but not with the surtax, which they say will hurt the state’s economy.

The issue will likely not be settled until a state budget deal is worked out.

For disclosure, the MEA represents most of the news staff at Maine Public.