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Police Start Compliance Checks to Curb Underage Drinking

WINSLOW, Maine - Maine police are using a grant to perform compliance checks on businesses to help curb underage drinking.
On Tuesday, an undercover officer and a 20-year-old volunteer went to every business in Winslow that serves alcohol to see if they would ask the volunteer for identification. The Morning Sentinel reports that most businesses asked for identification, though three businesses failed the check.
Winslow Police Chief Shawn O'Leary says the checks were more of a courtesy, and the businesses weren't cited after an in-uniform officer explained the situation. Officials say the businesses will be cited if they fail again, however.
The department received a $2,000 grant from Healthy Northern Kennebec to help fund overtime for officers performing compliance checks.
       O'Leary says compliance checks are the best way to curb underage drinking.