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UMaine System To Cover Tuition For More Than 1,200 Students

Irwin Gratz
Maine Public

New University of Maine Chancellor Dannel Malloy Wednesday launched a campaign to promote the UMaine System's affordability and highlight the growth of "experiential learning" at its campuses.

Malloy says the state has made a major commitment to creating a high-quality, affordable college experience.

"If you look at the dollars that the state puts in, along with research dollars and philanthropy, we're talking about a $400 million per year commitment being made to make sure that there's an affordable, alternative to getting a high-quality baccalaureate degree," says Malloy.

Malloy says that the university system believes there is enough aid available to cover tuition and fees for 1,200 students entering next year. But, Malloy says those students have to meet the system "halfway," by applying to college and filling out the forms needed to qualify for federal student aid.