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Wintry Weather Kicks Off In Southern Maine

Southern and western Maine are in the middle of a storm that's moving northeast and will leave up to about 6 inches of snow in York County.

“The storm is moving in a northeasterly direction from southeast to northwest at a very slow pace.”

The current storm will end this evening, and National Weather Service meteorologist Todd Foisy says another snowfall will move in Monday night to the northeast.

“It's taken its time moving east, and it's going to finally pick up and move east tonight, looking for precipitation beginning around the Bangor area a little after midnight, and finally getting up to the New Brunswick border more like daybreak on Tuesday,” says Foisy.

Foisy says the second storm will bring a mix of snow, rain and sleet to the coast and up to 10 inches of snow to northwestern Maine.

“Obviously travel on Tuesday is going to be quite hazardous throughout the whole area,” he says. “It's going to be tapering off overnight on Tuesday, and Wednesday is looking quite a bit better.”

Foisy says the storm's not unusual for this time of year. In fact, he says northern Maine has been having a snow drought, so this will bring things closer to normal.

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