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Clinton Police Seeking Information About Children Killed In Car Crash

Law enforcement in Clinton Maine is soliciting information from friends and social media acquaintances of the three young people killed and two injured in a crash Sunday morning, after the car they were in hit an icy patch and ran into a tree.

Clinton Police Chief Stanley Bell says he is trying to piece together a picture of the activities of both those killed and the survivors.

“All of the parents we have spoken to didn’t know their child was out,” he says. “In fact, one of the moms, when I went personally to see her to talk with her about the loss of her son, went to his bedroom because she thought he was still there. So they had no idea, the parents had no idea they weren’t there.”

Bell says police are seeking information from the car’s “black box” that should record its movements immediately before the crash. And interviews with friends and relatives will continue, he says, not necessarily with an eye to prosecution but to provide parents a full narrative of the events that led up to the crash.

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