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Maine Community College System Offering Free Health Care Training Programs For Laid-Off Workers

Wikimedia Commons/public domain

The state is suspending restrictions for some online job training programs in an effort to quickly train out-of-work Mainers for health care positions.

On Friday, Gov. Janet Mills signed an executive order suspending certain restrictions of the Maine Quality Centers program, which is offered by the state’s community college system.

System President David Daigler says the move is intended to help provide short-term, free online training to recently laid-off residents, while also providing the health care industry with needed workers as it experiences a surge in demand due to the spread of COVID-19.

“So that people have the beds they need when they need them. And that they have trained practitioners by their side when they need trained practitioners by their side,” he says. “It just creates a straighter line for us to be able to get people into free training programs. So they can turn around, and we can help support the growing workforce need that exists, especially in health care, because of this.”

Daigler says the system has already identified several training programs that will be held online, including those for medical assistants, phlebotomists and technicians that could help manufacture supplies such as swabs and disinfectants.

The Legislature provided $2.5 million to the Maine Community College System as part of the supplemental budget bill passed last month.

The system is hoping to launch the first of the trainings by mid-April, with programs typically lasting 8-12 weeks.

Originally published March 30, 2020 at 4:58 p.m. ET.