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Unity College To Continue Remote Learning For Fall Semester

Susan Sharon
Maine Public
Unity College in Unity, Maine, seen April 28, 2015.

Unity College will continue remote learning when its new school year begins.  Unity, like most colleges, finished its spring semester with remote learning.  College President Dr. Melik Peter Khoury says that experience, in part, gave the school confidence  to resume remote learning for the fall.

"We can work with our students until it's safe to come back," Khoury says. "We do not need to take an unnecessary risk with the lives of our students and employees because we can deliver the outcome, we can use the environment where students are to do interesting learning, using technology."

But Khoury says the deciding factor in the decision "was the health and safety of our students, our faculty, our staff, and the local community."

Khoury says Unity will change its calendar, from the traditional fall and spring semesters to eight, five-week sessions.  Students will take just one or two courses each session.  Khoury says that will give the school the flexibility to return students to campus, should that be possible later in the school year.