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Bodies found in New Hampshire and Maine sought shelter from a storm together in a dumpster

The New Hampshire attorney general's office says a couple who were found dead in separate waste facilities in Maine and New Hampshire in September were intoxicated by drugs when they sought shelter in a large trash bin that was loaded into a compacting waste removal vehicle.

Investigators say on Sept. 8, 28-year-old Jessica Lurvey and 29-year-old Matthew Schofield were intoxicated by fentanyl and sought shelter from a rainstorm in a large trash bin. The next day a compacting waste removal truck picked up the bin and the bodies of Lurvey and Schofield were brought to a Belmont waste facility. Lurvey's body was discovered in Belmont. Schofield's body was transferred to another waste facility in Lewiston and discovered 12 days later. New Hampshire Senior Assistant Attorney General Peter Hinckley.

"Everything was consistent with unfortunate accidental deaths," Hinckley said.

The New Hampshire Deputy Chief Medical Examiner said Lurvey died of crush injuries. Maine's Chief Medical Examiner ruled Schofield's death was caused by drug intoxication or crush injury. Both were accidental.