Updated 4:18p.m. October 11

One of the most recognizable buildings in Maine has been sold for $9.3 million.

The Energy Information Administration says the cost of staying warm is going to grow this winter for the average American, especially those who rely on heating oil.

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Gov. Paul LePage is coming out hard against Question 1 on Maine's November ballot.  The citizen referendum aims to provide aid for in-home health care services for elderly and disabled Mainers that would be funded with a new 3.8 percent tax on high earners.

Maine Immigrant Rights Coalition

The bipartisan research organization, New American Economy, reports that just over half the immigrants in Maine who are naturalized citizens and eligible to vote are actually registered do so. That report helped spur some immigrant advocacy groups to launch a six-day get-out-the-vote effort Wednesday, aimed at engaging this population.

Courtesy Old Town Mill

The idled Old Town Mill has a new buyer.  ND Paper LLC says it's purchasing the paper mill, which has had several owners in recent years.  It's currently owned by OTM Holdings LLC.

EAGLE LAKE, Maine - Seventeen community health centers in Maine are going to get nearly $5 million from the federal government to better equip themselves to serve people with substance abuse disorders and mental health needs.

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While signing into law legislation banning “pharmacy gag clauses,” President Trump praised the bill’s sponsor, Republican U.S. Sen. Susan Collins.

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The largest group of registered voters in Maine is not enrolled in any political party. They prefer to call themselves “independents,” but studies show that relatively few of these Mainers are truly free of partisan leanings.

Maine Public

During an appearance on Maine Calling, host Jennifer Rooks asked Democrat Janet Mills, one of four candidates vying to become the next governor of Maine, what she believes should be done about the partisan divide in our state.

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Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling says that vendors who win city contracts should be required to pay workers the area's prevailing wage and to participate in apprenticeship programs, as well.

YORK, Maine - A woman charged with driving onto a baseball field and killing a man with her car is scheduled to be arraigned next month.

PORTLAND, Maine - Maine environmental officials say ultra-low sulfur heating oil will burn cleaner and lower heating costs.

A regulatory board says New England's shrimp population remains depleted years after the fishery for the species was shut down.

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YORK, Maine - Maine environmental officials are considering using composting to manage seal corpses left behind from mass die-offs.

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Democrat Zak Ringelstein is one of two challengers seeking to unseat incumbent independent U.S. Sen. Angus King of Maine next month.