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The State Revenue Forecasting Commission says that the state will lose an estimated $524 million in general revenues by the end of next June as a result of the pandemic. But the group is less certain of the forecast than it has been in past projections.

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Several environmental groups are urging Hannaford to allow customers to use reusable bags.

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The newest COVID-19 stimulus plan that Senate Republicans released Monday would cut supplemental unemployment benefits from $600 to $200 a week. That would impact about 182,000 Mainers, including 46,000 children.

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The Mills Administration is loosening its limit on outdoor gatherings from 50 to 100 people. The new limit takes effect this Saturday, August 1.

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About two dozen current and former Maine legislators are calling on Hydro-Quebec to stop its campaign to influence November's ballot referendum on a proposed transmission line through the state.

The Maine Center for Disease Control is working with U.S. Wildlife Services to distribute an oral vaccine to prevent the spread of raccoon rabies.

The labor markets in Maine's three major urban areas recovered in June, according to data released Wednesday by the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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The Maine Center for Disease Control reports that the state's tally of coronavirus cases has risen by 28 since Tuesday, bringing the total number of cases since the pandemic's onset to 3,866.  The tally of deaths remained unchanged at 121.

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A new poll from Colby College shows that while President Trump has received mixed grades for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, Maine Gov. Janet Mills’ policies have garnered support.

PORTLAND, Maine - The temperature in Maine's largest city broke a decades-old record this week. The National Weather Service reported the low temperature in Portland, Maine, was higher on Monday than it had ever been on July 27 in any year.

The temperature never dipped below 78 degrees Fahrenheit. That shattered the old record of 69 degrees, which was set in 1979 and equaled in 1989.

Maine is in the midst of a sustained heatwave. Temperatures are expected to reach above 90 degrees on Tuesday and remain above 80 degrees for the rest of the week.

WILTON, Maine - A Massachusetts man who is on the state's Most Wanted list for charges of murder and armed robbery was taken into custody in Maine.

LEWISTON, Maine - One of Maine's largest hospitals is reinstating strict visitor restrictions after 10 staff members and two patients tested positive for the coronavirus.

Independent Sen. Angus King of Maine says the trillion-dollar Republican pandemic relief package comes up short in addressing the needs of workers, businesses, states and municipalities.

The $1 trillion pandemic relief package Senate Republicans rolled out Monday includes a provision that would cut the current $600-per-week enhanced unemployment benefit down to $200. And then, in October, it would switch to 70 percent of a worker’s prior earnings.

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Colby College has completed a survey of 888 likely Maine voters on a range of questions, including the presidential race and the hotly contested U.S. Senate race in Maine.