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Jennifer Mitchell studied Music, English and Anthropology at Oberlin College and Conservatory in Ohio. She has worked as News Director for Peninsula Public Radio in Homer, Alaska, and served as news producer in Bangor for Maine Public Radio in 2004. Most recently, she spent four years working in South Africa as a producer, as well as classical music presenter in Cape Town.

Jennifer is a fan of open source computing, and music of all types, including old Victrola tunes, jazz, folk, world, goth and metal. When not on the air, she can be found researching 19th century social history. Her idea of a good time is several hours in a dank basement looking at old patent applications, newspaper archives, and original recipes for intriguing Victorian delights such as sheep's head soup and shadow potatoes.

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Self-employed and contract workers in Maine will be able to apply for unemployment starting Friday morning at 8 AM, as the state rolls out its anticipated Pandemic Unemployment Assistance.

Robert F. Bukaty / Associated Press

Another Maine resident has died of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours, as the number of cases in Maine rose on Wednesday by 16, for a total of 1,056. But Maine Center for Disease Control Director Dr. Nirav Shah said some additional cases have just been identified.

Starting Monday, April 27, those planning to ride the Bangor city bus service must cover their faces — or be denied boarding.

As the country grapples with a depressed economy and anxiety over the new coronavirus, the Maine Bureau of Insurance is warning Mainers that the health crisis has given rise to a rash of scams, including those targeting consumers trying to obtain health insurance.

Almost 20 thousand Mainers seeking unemployment benefits will soon receive expedited approvals- and denials- in the mail. Additionally, Maine Department of Labor Commissioner, Laura Fortman, says that next week the state will unveil its plan for self-employed and contract workers seeking unemployment because of COVID-19.

Rebecca Conley / Maine Public

The Androscoggin Mill in Jay has restarted two of its three paper machines, one week after an explosion destroyed the pulp side of its operations.

Willis Ryder Arnold / Maine Public

Starting Monday, Mainers seeking unemployment will need to do so in an alphabetical fashion. That's the day the Maine Depeartment of Labor says those with last names beginning with A through H can call the office for help.

As of Friday, 17,500 small business owners across the country had applied for the new payroll relief program, championed by U.S. Sen. Susan Collins.

Nick Woodward / Maine Public

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, consumers have been getting nervous about supplies — not just about cleaning supplies and toilet paper, but also food.

Nick Woodward / Maine Public

Sunday, if you happen to be staying in a hotel, bed and breakfast, campground or other lodging in Maine, noon is going to be check out-time for almost everybody because lodgings around the state will be closing.

Chip Somodevilla

U.S. Sen. Susan Collins' office is warning small business owners of another emerging scam targeting small business owners who might be seeking payroll relief through the new "Keeping American Workers Paid and Employed Act."

Robert F. Bukaty / Associated Press

The Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife department is encouraging Mainers to try fishing - one of the outdoor activities under Gov. Janet Mills' order aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19.

Nick Woodward/Maine Public

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the panic-buying of certain items, notably paper products - and toilet paper in particular. Some stores have sold out, others have resorted to rationing - in some cases to just one roll per customer.

The coronavirus pandemic has led to the panic-buying of one item in particular: toilet paper.

Stores have been rationing the goods, in some cases, doling out as little as one roll apiece. This sudden demand for what some are calling "white gold" is proving a challenge — and an opportunity — for one fledgling family business in Maine, where the paper industry has seen some hard times.

Willis Ryder Arnold / Maine Public

The city of Portland will institute an emergency stay-at-home order for non-essential personnel and business services beginning Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. Portland Mayor Kate Snyder spoke with Maine Public's Jennifer Mitchell to discuss that order.