Sara Willis

Host, In Tune Radio Programs & the In Tune with Sara Willis Audio Stream

Sara is the long-time host and producer of In Tune, Maine Public Radio's music program featuring contemporary singer-songwriters, folk, blues, acoustic rock, jazz, alt country, and world music. In 2018, Maine Public launched the In Tune with Sara Willis audio stream allowing fans of the show 24/7 access to music curated by Sara.

Working from her studio in Blue Hill, Sara's love of the music she plays comes across to her listeners loud and clear. To quote DownEast Magazine, “In Tune… probably should have been rendered obsolete by Pandora, Spotify, and iTunes playlists. However, host Sara Willis outperforms any Pandora algorithm in the art of creating the perfect playlist. While online stations offer predictable suggestions, like R.E.M based on your interest in U2, Willis will teach you that, actually, Tom Jones and Vampire Weekend are a match made in heaven.”

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I almost always have a song playing in my head. It's kind of amazing how often I wake up with "These Cold Nights," a song from the Oshima Brothers' Under the Same Stars in the jukebox of my mind. Well, it's not really that amazing considering what a great song it is. I'm happy to have it on repeat. There are five songs on the EP and they are all candidates for my mind jukebox. They are beautiful, those brother harmonies can't be beat. And they are uplifting and, let's face it, we need uplifting these days. AND, they are from Maine! Born and bred. We can be proud of the music these very gifted artists are making and I hope to get a chance to see them live.

Stay tuned!

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Some of you will remember the Scud Mountain Boys, they made some great records in the 90's, and continued in other incarnations to record and tour. They were a little garage rock, a little pop and an edge that was all theirs. There is a New England feel to them. Don't ask me what that is exactly, just something I hear. So now, it's 2019 and the new record is a sparkling collection of songs. There are jangling guitars, harmonies galore and just great songs. If I could book them with another act it would be Aimee Mann. And that would be a great show!

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Sara's In Tune Pick of the Week

Week of 12.20.19
Closer Than Together

Sara's In Tune Pick of the Week

Week of 12.13.19
Beautiful Country

"Bombadil's new album, Beautiful Country, is a great addition to that genre of bands that include Darlingside, The Head and the Heart, The Avett Brothers, and River Whyless. See where I’m going here? Beautiful melodies, killer harmonies and songs that have substance. More poetry than just verse/chorus/verse. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear them on Live From Here. Check it out, your kind and gentle side will be glad." — Sara

Beck – "Hyperspace"

Dec 6, 2019

Sara's In Tune Pick of the Week

Week of 12.05.19

Sara's In Tune Pick of the Week

Week of 11.22.19
Bone Almanac

Sara's In Tune Pick of the Week

Week of 11.15.19

Sara's In Tune Pick of the Week

Week of 11.08.19
Three Chords and The Truth

Wilco – "Ode to Joy"

Oct 25, 2019
Ode To Joy album cover

Sara's In Tune Pick of the Week

Week of 10.25.19
Ode to Joy

Sara's In Tune Pick of the Week

Week of 10.18.19
In The Morse Code of Brake Lights

"In The Morse Code of Brake Lights” has range both sonically and lyrically. I approve! The New Pornographers is a musical collective that formed in Vancouver B.C. lead by Carl Newman, and includes Neko Case and Kathryn Calder. This record still has driving rock songs and they are full and melodic and beautiful, but it also has some sweet little songs that are a little more sparse and let the listener relax for a moment and catch their breath! Of course, Neko and Kathryn are singing like the angel-devils they are, and the rest of the band is tight and as orchestral as a rock band can be. There are funny, clever and amusing songs that work on more than one level. It’s a big record with a lot going on and it’s all good!" — Sara

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Sara's In Tune Pick of the Week

Week of 10.11.19
All Mirrors

"I'm late to the Angel Olsen party, but now I'm there dancing and drinking! Her new album — All Mirrors — is a lush and complex series of songs. There are full on arrangements with a 14 piece orchestra for most of the songs. It's a wonderful setting for her voice and lyrics. Kind of intoxicating. She made two recordings of these songs, one stripped down and bare and this one, gorgeously swirling in the sea of orchestra. It will be interesting to hear the first version, but for now, enjoy getting tipsy on these songs." — Sara

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Sara's In Tune Pick of the Week

Week of 10.04.19
Wide Eyed

Sara's In Tune Pick of the Week

Week of 9.27.19
Come On Up To The House: Women Sing Waits

Sara's In Tune Pick of the Week

Week of 9.20.19
Terms of Surrender

Sara's In Tune Pick of the Week

Week of 9.13.19