Shannon Moss

Host, High School Quiz Show: Maine

Shannon Moss is an award-winning media personality in Maine and the host of High School Quiz Show Maine airing across the state on Maine Public Television each winter. Shannon is no stranger to Maine’s airwaves, having spent over 14 years as an anchor and reporter in the competitive Portland commercial news market. In her new role as host of Maine Public’s academic competition, Shannon brings her experience to bear on this fast-paced program where her energy and enthusiasm set the tone and pace of the production.

"Shannon is able to both control the many moving parts of the game and put the contestants totally at ease" noted Laura Ozment Schenck, Executive Producer of High School Quiz Show Maine. "The host of High School Quiz Show Maine has to be the master of ceremonies, the content expert and a cheerleader for the contestants. Shannon seamlessly pulls this all off and makes it look easy in the process.”

Shannon grew up in Warwick, Rhode Island and graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a degree in Journalism. She lives in the Portland area with her husband and two sons

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