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Portland is moving one step closer to constructing one new, larger shelter to potentially house the city's homeless population. Portland officials on the Health and Human Services Committee voted Tuesday in favor of the one-shelter option.

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The Maine College of Art will get a large donation - $3 million - which will be used to bolster financial aid packages for students.

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AAA says New England will see a record number of travelers this holiday, including in Maine.

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Maine Governor-elect Janet Mills says improving health care will be a top priority when she takes office in January.  Mills made an appearance Wednesday morning at Becky’s Diner in Portland, where she also said she would follow through on promises to address the opioid epidemic and climate change.

Maine-based payment technology company WEX Inc. is reporting significant growth over the past year.

The Maine Attorney General's Office is supporting a lawsuit accusing the LePage administration of breaking the law by blocking Medicaid expansion.

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Portland-based Pan Atlantic Research is out with a new poll in Maine's gubernatorial election showing  Democrat Janet Mills pulling ahead of Republican opponent Shawn Moody.

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Maine Gov. Paul LePage has offered a bit more information about why he was hospitalized in August. 

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Gov. Paul LePage is coming out hard against Question 1 on Maine's November ballot.  The citizen referendum aims to provide aid for in-home health care services for elderly and disabled Mainers that would be funded with a new 3.8 percent tax on high earners.

Maine Immigrant Rights Coalition

The bipartisan research organization, New American Economy, reports that just over half the immigrants in Maine who are naturalized citizens and eligible to vote are actually registered do so. That report helped spur some immigrant advocacy groups to launch a six-day get-out-the-vote effort Wednesday, aimed at engaging this population.

Some activists and concerned citizens are calling for a boycott of Maine products and tourism following U.S. Sen.  Susan Collins' vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Irving Oil says the company has not yet determined what caused  an explosion at Canada's largest Oil refinery in Saint John, New Brunswick.

A Maine nonprofit director is looking to study whether a reclaimed cruise ship could be used to house underserved populations.

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Shortly before Christine Blasey Ford began her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday, a bipartisan group of ten men gathered inside Portland City Hall to express their support for Ford — and their opposition to the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

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A day after fishing regulators adopted strict new measures to prevent herring stocks from collapsing, some New England fishermen say they fear for their own survival.