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Maine U.S. Sen. Angus King says he doesn't support the sending troops to the southern U.S. border to build a wall.

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Award-winning bluegrass artist and Westbrook resident Al Hawkes has died. He was 88 years old.  Hawkes is being remembered as a musician with a style all his own.

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Former Maine Senator and U.S. Secretary of Defense William Cohen is speaking out against President Trump's decision to withdraw U.S. support from the Syrian conflict.  In an appearance on CNN Thursday, Cohen said that the decision amounts to the U.S. abandoning its allies, a move he says puts the nation in danger.

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Several U.S. senators continue to challenge President Trump's decision to withdraw the U.S. military from the Syrian conflict, despite the president's refusal to back down.  Maine Sen. Angus King, an independent, is among them.

Portland is one step closer to achieving its goal of running entirely on renewable energy by 2040.

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Maine's largest city is one step closer to achieving its goal of running entirely on renewable energy by 2040.

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There is a new development in the missing toddler case that caused the largest and most costly police investigation in Maine's history.

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Poverty relief organizations in Maine say they are relieved that the 2018 US Farm Bill has passed with the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, intact.

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Several Maine groups are uniting to try to reduce childhood poverty in the state - and reduce it dramatically.  Maine Equal Justice, Maine Community Foundation and the Maine State Chamber of Commerce are launching an initiative they say aims to cut childhood poverty in Maine by 50 percent.

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Maine U.S. Sen. Angus King says the recent arrest of a Chinese Telecommunication giant's finance chief could strain relations with China.

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A neon sign that spells the phrase "dyke bar," a hand-painted fake jukebox, a TV broadcasting people sharing bar stories and an entire wall of posters, pictures and letters thanking bar owners for their years of service — these are just a few of the items that make up Macon Reed’s installation "Eulogy for the Dyke Bar," on display at the University of Southern Maine’s AREA Gallery through Dec. 7.

Portland is moving one step closer to constructing one new, larger shelter to potentially house the city's homeless population. Portland officials on the Health and Human Services Committee voted Tuesday in favor of the one-shelter option.

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The Maine College of Art will get a large donation - $3 million - which will be used to bolster financial aid packages for students.

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AAA says New England will see a record number of travelers this holiday, including in Maine.