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Chellie Pingree Urges Votes on Gun Bills

U.S. Rep. ChelliePingree of Maine’s 1st District joined the chorus of Democrats in the House calling for votes on several gun control bills.

In a floor speech, Pingree called on House Republican leaders to allow votes on the bills, which are aimed at reducing gun violence.

“I heard from so many of my constituents who asked, ‘Is something finally going to happen in Washington on this issue?’ Well, I don’t have a crystal ball and we live in an unpredictable time, so that is a hard question to answer,” she says.

Pingree is co-sponsoring proposals to expand background checks to cover all gun sales and a measure that would block anyone on the no-fly list from buying guns. She is upset Republican leaders are allowing a vote only on a bill backed by the National Rifle Association.

“Will we finally do something to reduce the scourge of gun violence that is sweeping this country? Will we finally do something to limit access to guns for criminals and suspected terrorists?” she says.