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Maine AG Praises Governor's Drug Bill, as Law Goes Into Effect

AUGUSTA, Maine - A new law just taking effect today will help in addressing the state's drug crisis, says Maine Attorney General Janet Mills. She says it won't solve the drug crisis, but it will help.

"There aren't a lot of things I agree with the governor on, but this is one of them," Mills says. "That bill that he put in to crack down on prescribing practices for opiates and for benzodiazepines is a very important bill."

Mills says the law is unique in the nation.  It limits the amount of opiates that can be prescribed in a day, limits the length of opiate prescriptions, and requires all prescribers to check with the so-called Prescription Monitoring Program to make sure those trying to fill a prescription are not "doctor shopping."

Some provisions of the new law take effect later this year.