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Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson Visits Maine

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson, the former Governor of New Mexico, and his vice-presidential running mate, former Massachusetts governor William Weld were in Maine today searching for support among voters dissatisfied with the Democratic and Republican options.

Reducing the federal government’s size and scope, strengthening air and sea power while withdrawing American troops abroad, ending the corporate tax and simplifying the tax code, ending the war on drugs. Just a few of the themes Johnson touched on in his speech to about a hundred enthusiastic listeners in downtown Portland.

“And immigration,” Johnson says. “Embracing immigration. We’re a country of immigrants. This whole notion of building a fence across the border, of deporting a 11 million undocumented workers has a basis in complete misinformation.”

Some in attendance said they were habitual independent voters. But Linda Scott, who chairs the Lewiston school committee is a lifelong Republican who voted for Donald Trump in the recent primary. Then she saw him in person at one of his Portland appearances.

“Some of the comments that he made about the people of Maine and our immigrant population, especially as a woman that works with our immigrant population in Lewiston I was very disappointed in what I heard and that’s what changed my opinion right there,” she says.

Scott says she could never vote for Hilary Clinton either — while the Johnson/Weld ticket presents a rationale alternative. She was even scheduled to speak at their evening rally scheduled in Lewiston, where some 600 people were expected to attend.