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Affordable Care Act Supporters: Maine Can’t Afford Repeal

AUGUSTA, Maine - Supporters of the Affordable Care Act took to the State House in Augusta today with a warning:  Maine can't afford repeal of the ACA.

They are worried the Republican-controlled Congress and President-elect Trump will repeal the current health care law that covers more than 75,000 Mainers, without having a replacement in place to protect against insurance companies denying coverage for preexisting conditions or limiting coverage in other ways.

“When you hear about how many times repeal has been voted on....So I am worried. I can’t help it. It’s been a constant thing over the last six, eight years,” said Senate Democratic Leader Troy Jackson, of Allagash.

Jackson said he takes no comfort in pledges by Republican congressional leaders that they will not repeal Obamacare without having a replacement program ready to go. He is having legislation drafted for the current session to protect Mainers against the possible consequences of repeal.