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Last-Ditch Effort Aims to Get LePage to Release Voter-Approved Bonds

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine housing developers and affordable housing advocates hope lawmakers roundly support a Republican's bill to release $15 million in bonds for senior housing that voters approved two years ago.

Republican Sen. Roger Katz's bill awaits a vote in the Democratic-controlled House, which next convenes Tuesday.

Supporters have been waiting weeks for action on the bill, which they call a last-ditch effort to release the bonds while Maine's termed-out Republican governor is in office.

The Republican-controlled Senate voted last month 26-8 on the bill.

Gov. Paul LePage has claimed, without providing evidence, that three people would become millionaires overnight if he released the bonds.

The Portland-based Affordable Housing Coalition said it hasn't been able to find a case of any other governor who has "taken this kind of approach to voter-approved bonds.''