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Maine House Narrowly Approves Bill Allowing Some Local Gun Control

By a one vote margin, the Maine House has supported legislation that would allow cities and towns to regulate guns in municipal buildings and polling places.

Rep. John Spear, a Democrat from South Thomaston, says it’s the fair thing to do.

"Weapons are not allowed in this building, in the Cross Building or anywhere on this entire campus, including across the river," Spear said.  "State law explicitly prohibits weapons in county court houses. But to our partners at the municipal level we extend no such protection.”

Opponents argued that the bill is not needed.

“I can assure you that if someone is evil minded enough to want to do harm to another whether it be at a grocery store, in a parking lot, voting place or municipal meeting, they will do it regardless of law,” said Lebanon Republican Rep. Karen Gerrish.

The measure faces further votes.