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Senate Majority Leader Launches Run For Governor

Steve Mistler
Maine Public

Republican state Sen. Garrett Mason formally launched his gubernatorial campaign before an enthusiastic crowd of about 100 people at an event in Lewiston Thursday.

The 32-year-old Lisbon Falls resident and Senate majority leader vowed to pursue an aggressive conservative agenda — cutting taxes, shrinking government and ending what he said was a divisive political climate in Augusta.

“As governor I will take this on, understanding that every dollar not going to Augusta is a dollar that is staying where it belongs: in your pocket,” Mason said. “I see the problems, I understand the solutions and I have the courage to stand up and put Maine first.”

He made multiple mentions of putting Maine first — a riff on a slogan used by President Donald Trump.

Mason supported Trump last year after he originally helped Texas Sen. Ted Cruz win Maine’s presidential caucuses. A devout Christian, Mason helped organize a rally for Trump at the Open Door Baptist Church in Lisbon a week before the election.

Mason is the third Republican to enter the governor’s race. He's running as a Maine Clean Elections candidate, which means his campaign will have to collect a certain number of small-dollar donations to qualify for public funding.