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U.S. Senate Confirms Halsey Frank As U.S. Attorney For Maine

The U.S. Senate has unanimously confirmed Halsey Frank as the new U.S. attorney for the district of Maine.

Frank is a longtime assistant U.S. attorney in Maine, and before that he did the same job in Washington, D.C.

Maine U.S. Sen. Susan Collins recommended Frank for the post. "Halsey has some 30 years of experience as a federal prosecutor so he's extraordinarily well qualified for this position and can hit the ground running," she says.

Halsey - a Republican - will replace Democrat Thomas Delahanty II, who was one of the 46 U.S. attorneys appointed by President Barack Obama forced to resign in March by the Trump administration.

Collins says Frank has a reputation as a fair prosecutor, who has a good success rate and brings "appropriate" cases.

"He truly will be able to start the job without missing a beat," she says. "He knows everyone in the office, he knows the judges in Maine, and I'm certain that he'll do a terrific job."

U.S. attorneys are prosecutors for the United States in federal cases, such as drug trafficking or violations of federal civil rights laws. They also represent the U.S. in cases where it's accused of a federal crime.