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Lawmakers Concerned That Work Could Be Derailed By Border Wall Arguments

Congress goes back to work this month and will have just a matter of weeks to finalize the dozen bills that make up the federal budget. Some are concerned, with this deadline looming, that negotiations could be derailed by President Trump’s demand that his proposed border wall with Mexico be fully funded.

“One of the big challenges is the President says he going to shut it all down if he doesn’t get funding for the border wall. I don’t think Republicans or Democrats want to fund the border wall,” says First District Democratic Congressperson Chellie Pingree of Maine.

Pingree serves on the House Appropriations Committee. She says that she believes, barring this possible disruption by the President, the House and Senate can work out their differences and pass compromise spending bills.

Republican Senator Susan Collins says the proposed budget already provides money for improving border security. She says a physical wall will never be built along the entire border because it is not possible in some locations issues.

“There are areas where a wall just does not work because of the topography of the area or eminent domain issues,” says Collins. “So you really have to look at sensors, at radars and border patrol.”

She says that she hopes the President will see reason and let the budget process go forward.