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Mills Says She Suspects Roe V. Wade Won't Be Overturned

Maine Public

Gov. Janet Mills says while some states, including Alabama, are passing restrictions on abortion in hopes that the issue will be put before a more conservative U.S. Supreme Court, she doubts it will overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade decision that established an individual’s right to have an abortion.

“I suspect they are wrong,” says Mills. “That is what they are gambling on, but I suspect they are wrong. I think we are doing enough at this point.”

Mills says Maine has its own laws to protect women and that lawmakers are considering other measures to bolster those protections. She cites legislation that would allow more medical providers to oversee some types of abortion procedures, and a proposal to assure low income women can get an abortion through MaineCare.

Mills says she understands why some states are considering efforts to insert “right to choose” language into their state constitutions, but says she does not think that will be necessary in Maine.

“I am concerned with providing adequate health care for all Maine citizens, and that includes reproductive health care for young women and girls, especially in rural areas,” says Mills. “We don’t have access now and that means passing (LD) 820, it means passing the bill to expand the number of health care providers who may supervise an abortion.”