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Pingree Says Intelligence Committee Report Makes A Case That Trump Abused His Power

Saul Loeb
Getty Images via NPR

Maine’s 1st District Democratic Rep. Chellie Pingree says the report from the House Intelligence Committee makes a case that President Donald Trump has abused his power.

“The President’s actions raise questions about whether or not he believes he is above the law,” says Pingree. “I think in America we think that no one is above the law.”

Pingree says the 300-page report describes how Trump misused the power of his office as President for personal political gain and obstructed the Congressional investigation of his actions.

“The phone records make it very clear that Rudi Giuliani wasn’t sort of, you know, kind of out there on a limb, acting on his own,” she says. “He was talking directly to the Office of Management and Budget, he was talking to the White House. There were calls going back and forth to the Ukraine.”

Pingree says it is now up to the Judiciary Committee to review the report and other evidence to determine which activities may be impeachable.

“There is a good possibility we will take a vote on this before Christmas, but because things keep coming up in this investigation because the Intelligence Committee has said that they will conduct further investigations if more information comes forward. I think there is a lot of uncertainty out there.”