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Environmental Priorities Coalition Sets Agenda

More than two dozen environmental groups that make up the Environmental Priorities Coalition have unveiled their agenda for the legislative session. Land conservation, clean water and increased recycling are near the top of the list.

Maureen Drouin is executive director of the group.

“Maine made tremendous progress last year for the environment,” she says. “We’re hoping to build on that momentum this year and pass critical legislation that will help our state’s economy, protect clean water and safeguard public health.”

The coalition wants a bond for the Land for Maine’s Future Program and state parks, more money for enforcing the Clean Water Act, and they want to designate the so-called "forever chemicals" as hazardous to facilitate their clean up and they want to bolster municipal recycling programs.

“One of the bills is to support the land for Maine’s future program,” says Drouin. “Another bill is to support the DEP in staffing the enforcement of clean water laws. Another bill is to designate the chemical PFAS as a hazardous substance and the fourth bill is to strengthen Maine’s municipal recycling programs.”