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A hand recount will now determine the winner of a tied Portland City Council race

Robbie Feinberg
Maine Public
Brandon Mazer (left) won a tied Portland City Council race after City Clerk Katherine Jones randomly drew his card from a bowl on Nov. 4, 2021. His opponent, Roberto Rodriguez (facing away), has requested a recount.

A hand recount will determine the winner of a Portland City Council race

A hand recount is underway in Portland Tuesday in a city council election that finished in a tie last week.

Roberto Rodriguez initially received the most votes in the four-person race. But after votes were distributed following two rounds of ranked-choice runoffs, Brandon Mazer and Rodriguez ended up tied with 8,529 votes each.

Last Friday, Mazer was declared the winner after the city clerk drew names from a bowl. Rodriguez then requested a recount.

The city began that process at 8am on Tuesday, and the recount will continue into Wednesday, if needed.