Acadia National Park To Hold Lottery For Cheap Cordwood

Oct 22, 2018

The National Park Service plans to hold a lottery to determine who’ll be able to up to collect up to 2 cords of unsplit, limbed sections of tree trunks piled up in a staged area near Otter Creek in Acadia National Park.

“A chunk of a tree trunk that is about 16-20 inches in diameter. Some of them are about 2 feet long,” says park spokeswoman Christie Anastasia.

Anastasia says the wood, left over from clearing efforts in the park, is unseasoned and mostly softwood. The cost of a permit is $25 dollars.

During a pilot program last April, the park got ten calls and distributed 10 cords of wood. Anastasia says more than 90 calls have come in so far this year, making a lottery necessary.

The deadline to enter the lottery is Oct. 26. Entrants must live within a 50 mile drive of Otter Creek.