Adrienne Bennett, Former LePage Spokeswoman, Running For 2nd District Seat

Oct 8, 2019

Adrienne Bennett, a former TV reporter who served as Gov. Paul LePage’s spokesperson, has entered the race in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District.

Adrienne Bennett speaks to a reporter outside the State House in Augusta on Tuesday.
Credit @AdrienneMaine / Twitter

Bennett says she has been meeting with Republican groups for months and has received a positive response to her candidacy. She describes herself as a pro-life conservative and a strong supporter of President Donald Trump and of Second Amendment gun rights.

“I am an early Trump supporter, I also feel another thing that differentiates me from the other candidates is I’m a mom and I am a woman,” she says.

Bennett has just filed with the Federal Election Commission and is starting to raise money.

“Money is something that we need in campaigns, and while I am not a firm believer that money is going to be the sole indicator that somebody is going to win, if you have the biggest bank account. I don’t necessarily believe that, but I do think it is important,” she says.

Important, Bennett says, in getting her message out. She faces former state Sen. Eric Brakey and former state Rep. Dale Crafts in the 2020 Republican primary.