Adulting: Why and How Young People Are Seeking Out Lessons in Basic Life Skills

Jan 22, 2020


The term “adulting” refers to learning how to behave as a responsible adult. While it’s often used in a joking way, it’s no joke that many young people today must learn basic daily skills, from writing checks to cooking to dealing with a flat tire. We talk with someone from one of the country’s first “adulting schools,” and we’ll hear about what young people today lack in functional skills—and what societal trends have led to this phenomenon.

This show is part of Maine Calling focus on topics relating to young people.


Rachel Flehinger, principal, Adulting School; comedian, teacher, actress

Rachel Weinstein, psychotherapist; founder of the Adulting School

Jaimie Terrilyn Richards, taking adulting classes; she works in other fields, including giving foodie tours, being a caretaker and nanny, and property management; she lives in Jay

Amy Wood (by phone), psychologist, coach, mediator

Beth Arsenault (by phone), alternative ed teacher, Portland Public Schools

Beth Scherpf (by phone), family and consumer sciences educator at Skowhegan Area High School; awarded the 2018 Maine Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher of the Year