Backers of Maine Monument Hang Sign Because Governor Won't

May 24, 2017

BENEDICTA, Maine - Supporters of a new national monument in Maine who are upset at the governor's refusal to allow road signs for the park are taking matters into their own hands.
Fans of Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument hung a banner advertising the park from a highway overpass above Interstate 95. The sign, which appears to be written on a bed sheet or piece of canvas, says "KWW Exit 264'' and appeared Wednesday.
Republican Gov. Paul LePage is refusing to let state workers install official signs. Then-President Barack Obama created the park last year. A governor's spokesman said Monday it would be "imprudent and premature'' to install signs before completion of a 120-day review period ordered by President Donald Trump last month.
The park is 137 square miles near Mount Katahdin.