Barclaycard To Close Wilton Call Center, Lay Off Hundreds Of Workers

Jan 8, 2019

More than 200 call center workers in Wilton will be laid off by the end of March.

Wilton Town Manager Rhonda Flemings says Barclaycard, a payment services and credit card company, notified the town this afternoon that it planned to shutter the call center. The company opened up in town in 2008 and grew to be its largest employer.

“Barclaycards is one of the largest in Franklin County. I think they are No. 4 in terms of the number of people they hire, so they are very important to our entire region,” she says.

L.L. Bean dropped Barclaycard as the vendor for its credit card operation last summer. In a press release, Gov. Janet Mills says she is directing the Department of Labor to marshal its resources to assist Barclaycard workers and their families, including deployment of a “rapid response” job placement team.

The Wilton Selectboard will hold an emergency meeting Wednesday evening to consider the layoffs’ effects and coordinate services for town residents.