BBC World Service The Documentary

Wednesday, November 28 at 2:00 pm

Reporting Women

Women make up roughly 50% of the world but in the 21st Century is the media reporting the issues that matter to them? Do women want to hear more debate around taboo subjects like abortion and domestic violence or do they want to hear more success stories about women in the media? How could the media’s reporting of rape cases be improved? And, as news sources become more diverse, how can the mainstream media reflect the stories being discussed by women on social media?

Lyse Doucet hears from female students in India who are frustrated by how women are portrayed in the Indian media. In Bihar, there is anger at how media reports of attacks on women focus more on what the victim was wearing rather than the attacker. In Tamil Nadhu, students believe the news is too negative and sensational. And in Nagpur the young women challenge journalists to write more positive stories about inter-caste marriage.

In the second half of the programme Lyse Doucet is joined by three of the BBC’s Women’s Affairs Journalists; Divya Arya who is based in Delhi, Abigail Ony Nwaohuocha who covers West Africa from Lagos, Nigeria and Feranak Amidi who works across the Near East including Iran, Afghanistan, Kurdistan, Uzbekistan and Turkey. They discuss the issues raised in the first part of the programme in a debate recorded before an audience at BBC New Broadcasting House.

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