Blueberries: From Highbush to Wild, Blueberries Are a Sweet Symbol of Maine

Jul 9, 2019


Blueberries play a huge role in Maine’s identity. We’ll learn about wild and highbush blueberries, how farmers grow and market their crops, any new uses for this iconic Maine product, and what blueberries mean for Maine’s culture and economy.

This is part of Maine Calling’s yearlong focus on topics that reflect what is iconic in Maine.


Lily Calderwood, Ph.D., extension wild blueberry specialist, assistant professor of horticulture, University of Maine

David T. Handley, Ph.D., vegetable and small fruit specialist, University of Maine Cooperative Extension

Greg Bridges (by phone), owner, Bridges Wild Maine Blueberry Farm

Sam Blackstone (by phone), Circle B Farms in Caribou

Bruce Hall (by phone), Wyman's agronomist